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Welcome to the handlebar podcast page. We're so glad you are here! Hopefully, you have listened to one of our episodes and enjoyed it. And if so, we're assuming that since listening to that one episode it eventually led you here. Below is a little more about us, our story, and why the handlebar podcast.

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It all started in 2020 on a road trip from Dallas Texas to Oklahoma City Oklahoma. It was about 10pm when Aaron and Raffi pulled out of OKC to begin driving back to Dallas when they started dreaming of recording raw, authentic conversations around faith. For the next 3 hours they had their first (unrecorded) handlebar podcast season. Discussing things like ministry, money, politics, vulnerability and more. By the end of the drive, they both felt more in love with Jesus and excited for how these conversations could help young people who are asking questions about how to follow Jesus. They pitched the idea to Elyssa and Sarahbeth and within a couple of months season 1 had an official date on the calendar. The idea was always to spark faith and deeper desire to love God with all your heart, mind and soul within the listener while equipping them with practicals on how to follow our King Jesus wholeheartedly. We've called those practicals "Handlebars".

The language of handlebars comes from an analogy that Aaron shared from when He was in the eighth grade. After school, all the boys in the neighborhood would gather at the top of the longest street and take turns competing on who could ride their bike the furthest without holding onto their handlebars. It was always bragging rights for the newest champions. However, as awesome of a feat it was to accomplish riding your bike without handlebars, it always left the rider vulnerable to a crash. If one of the boys were to hit a pothole, curb, or debris in the road while they were handsfree from the handlebars it was almost inevitable they were going down. However, to the contrary, if they were holding onto their handlebars, what once was dangerous and certain doom was now merely a simple bump that was no sweat to overcome and continue with the ride. -- The same is true in following Jesus. With simple practicals like handlebars, what was taking young believers out as they attempted to live a life of faith is now not so daunting.

Our prayer is as you listen to the handlebar podcast you find handlebars for the faith and grow more in love with Jesus then you ever thought was possible as you entrust every area of your life to His leadership.


Aaron Smith Headshot
Aaron Smith

Aaron is the founder of the Handlebar Podcast and has been in full time ministry for over 10+ years. He currently oversees the young adult ministry at UPPERROOM Dallas and teaches both at UPERROOM School of Ministry and Christ for the Nations Institute. Aaron has his bachelor’s degree in theology and second bachelor’s degree in church leadership, he regularly ministers to the global church body, traveling with his family all over the world to speak to young people about the beauty and bigness of Jesus. He resides in Dallas with his wife Sarahbeth, their daughter Rosie and son Shepard King. They have a burden to equip young people to zealously follow Jesus and give their lives to the place of prayer.

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Sarahbeth Smith

Sarahbeth is a born and raised Texas girl. She loves music, traveling and most importantly her family. Known by her friends as SB, she has a heart to educate and equip people on health, fitness and wholistic living. Sarahbeth is a worship leader and songwriter as well as a full-time mama to her 2 littles. She has her degree in communication and psychology and desires to see people encounter the Holy Spirit, fall in love with the Word of God and wholeheartedly follow Jesus.

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Raffi Greco Headshot
Raffi Greco

Rafael is the handlebar podcasts official Gen Z representative! He started in ministry almost 9 years ago and currently oversees the Prayer Room at UPPERROOM Frisco and leads worship. Originally from New York Rafael is part of a big family and carries a heart for family wherever he goes! That heart has grown into a desire to see the body of Christ resemble a family more than an organization. He lives in Dallas and is currently learning how to bake bread. Rafael burns to see people encounter Jesus, to equip them to see Jesus rightly and to build spaces where people can learn to be transformed by beholding His beauty.

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Elyssa Smith Headshot
Elyssa Smith

Elyssa is a singer-songwriter who is best known for writing "Surrounded (Fight My Battles)” and has been a part of the UPPERROOM as a writer, worship leader and artist since 2013. Elyssa loves hiking, camping and all things outdoors as well as spending time playing games and laughing with her closest friends. Elyssa has a desire to see musicians and singers encounter Jesus and live a life of worship totally devoted to Him. Elyssa has a humor unlike most and is notorious for getting everyone around her "belly laughing."

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